Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wir stellen vor: Ms Bea Shamrock

My name's Bea Shamrock and I haven't lived in Berlin for very long but I like it very much.

I was born in Russia but then left for England, where I changed my name (Bea Sharapova to Shamrock) and became a teacher. In Berlin I work at the grocery store.

My father is still in Russia and he's a socialist, something I don't always feel comfortable with. I have one brother, Petr, who fought in WWI and was missing in action.He is in fact my reason for my coming to Berlin; I'd like to find him or at least find out what happened to him.

So far I've asked a policeman on the street about my brother, but (of course...)he didn't know anything. I admit it wasn't a very smart move, but I was desperate. I'm considering placing an ad in the local newspaper. Berlin is where his last letter came from.


Was wissen wir über Bea Shamrock?

Frl. Shamrock ist in Russland geboren und hat in England gelebt. Sie ist nicht verheiratet. Ihr Vater ist Sozialist und lebt in Russland.

Frl. Shamrock ist Lehrerin aber in Berlin arbeitet sie im Laden.

Sie ist in Berlin, weil sie ihren Bruder sucht. Ihr Bruder war Soldat und ging in den Krieg und ist verschwunden. Der Bruder heißt Petr Sharapova.

Frl. Shamrock hat einen Polizisten auf der Strasse gefragt, wo ihr Bruder ist. Der Polizist wußte es nicht.

der Bruder - brother
der Vater - father
verheiratet - married
der Lehrer / die Lehrerin - teacher
der Laden - the shop
der Soldat / die Soldatin - soldier
der Polizist - policeman
heißen - to be called

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