Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eine Hochzeitsreise

Zwei Berliner haben geheiratet und eines ihrer Hochzeitsgeschenke war eine Hochzeitsreise. Geplant wurde die von mir, Gwen, durchgeführt wird sie von verschieden Freiwilligen in Second Life, die einem frisch vermählten Ehepaar gerne ein paar romantische Stunden schenken wollen.

Letzten Donnerstag ging es erst auf die traumhafte Pirateninsel Neverwhere und dann auf die Malediven in Second Life.

Hier sind ein paar Fotos.

Und hier auch der Plan der Hochzeitsreise auf englisch.

Übrigens, die Reise nach Rom und zu Marie Anoinette hat Kerry auch schon durchgeführt und ich freu mich sehr auf die Fotos.

A Honeymoon Planner (engl)

Day 1
Beach fun
A beautiful day at the beach quickly wears of any exhaustion after the wedding. Here is some relaxation on the beaches of Las Arenas Rosadas, the Maldives of Second Life. On the scattered islands covering 3 sims, the couple finds plenty of idyllic places for a rest in the shades of the palm trees whilst dipping their feet into the beautiful turquoise waters. Scuba diving is on the list of activities.
Tourguide: Gwen Gwasi (European timezone) and Randall Renoir (American timezone)

Day 2
Virtual Athens
A customary welcome awaits the two in virtual Athens where the tour starts with a admiring the Akropolis and a visit ot the museum, followed by a walk into the modern city of Athens. There is where you will be invited to dine at a Tavern for a romantic dinner on the terrasse. Not to be forgotton the delicious Metaxa after a rich meal. Late at night, the disco teams with people. Wild syrtaki dancing and perhaps even some plate being thrown on the floor, so watch it when dancing barefoot with the crowd.
Tourguide: Mariposa Melody (European timezone)

Day 3
Ancient Rome
The home country of the groom, this tour starts at the harbour of ancient Rome by putting on an ancient toga and sandals. Passing the Roman bathhouse and a gladiator training center, the walk is steep and climbs many stairs until the couple arrives at the emperors summer palace to enjoy a splendid view over the city as they are watching the sunset.
Tourguide: Kerry Takashi (American timezone)

Day 4
Marie Antoinette’s 18th century Versailles
Coeur Duchy is a group of sims celebrating the Age of Enlightenment in France. The sims are filled with beautiful scenery and villages and it offers carriage rides and balloon rides to explore their islands. What an enchanting experience this is to walk the streets of 18th century France on the footstep of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France.
Tourguide: Kerry Takashi (American timezone)

Day 5
A pirate boat
Now here is a real special treat for the newly wedded couple. Fabilene Cortes, gallery owner and artist herself owns a pirate tavern and a wonderful romantic pirate boat which is fully furnished with a large kingsize bed and an open fire, perfect for a quiet honeymoon. She will receive Aldo and Dora with a welcome drink of Caribbean Rum and a very special gift.
Tourguide: Fabilene Cortes (European timezone)

Day 6
Virtual Mexico
This town is an amazing build covering not only two sims but also is several stories high. The couply arrives above ground at postmodern Mexico city of the 22nd century with fluorescent light and floating towers and it is adviced to set the environment setting to midnight. Then the tour guide will take them to descend and actually journey back in time to the first underground floor in contemporary Mexico. The further the walk takes them into the deep inner of Mexico, the further they descend in time. It ends in a Mayan sunken city, hidden by blue waters and with hidden Mayan temple remains covered with the famous Mayan gold.
Tourguide: Gwen Gwasi (European timezone)

Day 7
Zeppelin ride over EduNation
Here is an invitation to an unforgettable flight with a steampunk zeppelin across EduNation islands, two sims filled with educators. The tour includes a stop over on Karelia's plot with lots of fun games. You are also welcomed to enjoy hang gliding, sailing boats and a ride on a scooter across the island.
Tourguide: Karlia Kondor (European timezone), Doc Bubble (European timezone) and Gwen Gwasi (European)

Day 8
Enjoy the romantic streets of 1900 Paris being toured by the createur himself. Darcy is an artist in RL and this sim bespeaks his professionality. You will enjoy galleries but also a visit to the Maxims, the Moulin Rouge and the restaurant which Hemmingway called his home.
Tourguide:Darcy Mokeev (European)

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