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Als Blutmai werden die Unruhen vom 1. bis 3. Mai 1929 in Berlin bezeichnet, bei denen durch unverhältnismäßige Härte der Polizei zahlreiche Demonstranten und Unbeteiligte durch die Polizei getötet oder verletzt wurden.
Die Bezeichnung Blutmai geht auf den Streikaufruf der KPD vom 2. Mai 1929 zurück, in dem es hieß: „Zörgiebels Blutmai − das ist ein Stück Vorbereitung des imperialistischen Krieges! Das Gemetzel unter der Berliner Arbeiterschaft − das ist das Vorspiel für die imperialistische Massenschlächterei!“

Wir haben ja die Aufforderung von Polizeipräsident Karl Friedrich Zörgiebel bekommen. Ja, er hat ausdrücklich das Demonstrationsverbot bekräftigt.

april 28th 1929

Since 1924 Public demonstrations have been forbidden.
There have been no problems with this for the last 5 years.

About half a year ago a political gathering by the NSDAP ended in street fighting and several people died.
After these horrible days our respected Polizeipräsident Karl Friedrich Zörgiebel made it clear that from 13 december 1928 onwards political gatherings in the open air would not be allowed.
This decision has received massive support from the people in Berlin who generally are sick and tired of the many skirmishes in their city.

This temporary law was created for the protection of the public and to keep the peace.

We expect the people of Berlin to respect the law, if they decide to demonstrate anyway they can expect to be treated as trouble makers and criminals.
Certain elements in this city have announced that they will demonstrate anyway.
The police have received reinforcements and will accept no disobedience, civilians will follow all orders given by the police or will have to deal with the consequences.

All parties have permission to gather and have their may 1st celebrations, as long as it is not outdoors.
There is no reason to go out on the streets in groups only if the motive is causing trouble and bringing even more tension to our city.

Polizeipräsident Karl Friedrich Zörgiebel
28 April 1929

Die Frage ist: was ist in Berlin passiert?

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